Our classes include physical postures (asana), breathing exercises (pranayama), chant and sound, philosophy, guided meditation and deep relaxation. The following descriptions are meant to give you an idea of the pace, intensity and style of each practice, but each class is as unique and inspiring as the teacher who leads it. Check out our Teachers page to learn about our individual approaches. Better yet, attend classes offered by different teachers and be open to new experiences!

If you have never tried Yoga we recommend that you attend a ‘Yoga Basics’ session to give you some familiarity with poses, breath and philosophy. Check our Workshops page to find out when the next session starts. Unless a class is labeled ‘preregistration required’ you are welcome to drop in on any of our classes regardless of your level of experience. We encourage you to do what is appropriate for your own body and to find your own practice. You will never be asked to move beyond what is safe for you, but keep your mind open and you might surprise yourself. Don’t worry about what you can’t do; find out what you CAN do!

Contact us if you would like assistance finding the right class for you.

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An introductory course taught in six week sessions, intro-ducing the principles, philosophy, movements, breathing and relaxation tech-niques of yoga. Designed specifically for the new student or for those who would like a refresher. Pre-registration is required. A yoga mat is required (available for purchase $25-35).

Yoga Basics II is a continuation of Basics I. Students will continue to explore the principles, philosophy, movements, breathing and relaxation techniques of yoga. New students are also welcome to attend.


This class is intended for those who desire to increase flexibility, improve posture, and soothe muscle or joint pain.  The focus is on gentle yoga, much of it done in a chair.  If you think you cannot do yoga this class is for you.


A vigorous practice based on a sequence of dynamically linked asanas.


For those with back challenges. The emphasis is on postures that increase strength and flexibility. Poses are modified for particular back conditions. For beginner students and students with yoga experience.


Beginning/Intermediate Yoga classes are informed by various yoga traditions. Taught slowly and methodically, these classes provide a friendly and meditative environment for students to develop flexibility and strength, and to deepen their awareness of body, mind and breath. Meditation practices may be included. These classes are appropriate for students of all ages, abilities and body-types.


What is Qigong? Qigong is mindfulness in action. Roughly translated as "energy work" Qigong is characterized by low-impact, meditative movement that harmonizes the body, mind and breath while lighting up the inner spirit for self-healing at the roots.

Celestial Pillar is a practice designed specifically to increase the bodies energy. Energy is the catalyst for every biological process in the body. We need energy to digest, energy to absorb and assimilate, energy to move, dance, think, heal and create. In this class we work on specific potent acupoints combined with breath & movement designed to open the tendinomuscular pathways for increased circulation of the Qi resulting in enhanced vitality and well-being!


Coming Into Your Center is an individualized practice for all levels and body types offering students a personal experience that involves appropriate variations of the sequence of yoga postures. This class, being held during Pitta time of day, is designed to center, balance and give ease to the body and mind. As a result, tension and resistance will be released. Yoga and Ayurveda will be integrated into this practice as they are sister sciences. You will learn about the elements of Ayurveda, how they play out in the body and how to use your Yoga practice to bring them into balance.


Begin with a mindful flow sequence with emphasis on form and function for each asana. Improve your focus and attention with guided meditation, discover the impact of pranayama on your yoga practice, and realize how asana practice can influence your strength, stamina, balance, and energy.  Transition to relaxing poses to finish your practice leaving you feeling energized but refreshed.  Suitable for all levels. 


Focuses on gaining strength and flexibility through precise instruction for proper alignment and posture. While moving through beginning & intermediate yoga poses, each class is designed to deepen our awareness of the body, mind, and breath.  Students are encouraged to tune in with their body and make use of any modification or prop with the help of the instructor.  This class is suitable for any level of practitioner.


is perfect for beginners or for anyone wanting detailed, compassionate and light-hearted instruction in the foundation of yoga practice. Classes may include some flowing sequences, but the focus is on teaching the building blocks of practice – philosophy, skillful breath, basic postures, proper alignment, awareness and non-harming.


Come experience how traditional yoga techniques bring about positive changes in how you look, feel and think while connecting you to the joy of being alive! Cultivate more clarity and freedom, increased strength and life force, plus a greater sense of peace and fulfillment.

Students of all levels are welcome. We utilize simple dynamic & static movements combined with breath. Modifications for individual needs are strongly encouraged.


Allow a relaxed pace, an awareness of breath, and a variety of postures to enable a kind exploration of self. All levels are welcome, modification as well as extension will be offered, and use of props is encouraged. Make space for the softer side of your practice, feel rejuvenated and supported as you release the day.


Enjoy a gentle asana practice to harmonize the energy body. Moving prana into the deep connective tissues to nourish our muscles, joints and bones. Creating sukha (good space) to ease the whole body into deeper relaxation and awaken compassion toward the self.

In this class, we will explore the dynamic energies of the Ayurvedic doshas (Vata, Kapha, Pitta) and the subtle energy processing centers of the seven Chakras, which align from the base of the spine to the crown of the head to cultivate a joyful awareness of the mind-body connection. All levels welcome.


Allow a relaxed pace, an awareness of breath, and a variety of postures to enable a kind exploration of self. All levels are welcome, modification as well as extension will be offered, and use of props is encouraged. Make space for the softer side of your practice, feel rejuvenated and supported as you release the day.


This ongoing meditation group meets to support and encourage each other in our daily practice of meditation and the Eight Point Program developed by Sri Eknath Easwaran for spiritual fulllment. Each week will concentrate on one of the Eight Points and will include either readings from Sri Easwaran's many books or videotape excerpts of Sri Easwaran giving instruction on the practice of meditation and leading a spiritual life. The group will end each evening with 30 minutes of meditation.

Eknath Easwaran was Professor of English at the University of Nagpur, India, and an established writer when he came to the United States on the Fulbright exchange program in 1959. As founder and director of the Blue Mountain Center of Meditation, he taught the classics of world mysticism and the practice of meditation from 1960 though 1999.

For more information and free online instruction in meditation, go to bmcm.org.

Feel free to call Mary with any questions at 851-4408.


Mellow Flow is a gentle vinyasa yoga practice intended for students of all levels who prefer moving at a slower pace to experience the basic flow of linking postures to the breath.

The flow practice begins warming the body with variations of sun salutations, integrating safe and proper alignment.  Once the body is warmed, standing and balancing poses will be held to create strength, focus and refinement of alignment. Seated postures focus on increasing flexibility while quieting the mind, in preparation for relaxation. Arm balances and inversions may be included into some classes. Each class will end with brief pranayama breathing exercises and a short meditation. 

Modifications of postures will be instructed to allow for beginners, and those with individual needs, to comfortably participate. 


is a practice of awareness and compassion toward the self. Flowing sequences of poses and detailed instruction on individual postures are both included, along with breath work, meditation and chant. These classes meditatively move the body and spine through their full range of motion, accentuating the importance of alignment using props and adjustments. Challenging poses such as inversions may be included but you are always encouraged to work at your own level on poses that will prepare you for the more advanced asanas.  This practice tends to move slower than vinyasa yoga.


This class combines movements from Yoga and Qi Gong to help calm the mind and nervous system in order to relieve stress that accumulates in the ups and downs of daily living. The additional emphasis on mindfulness, to be present in the moment with things as they are, leads to a more heartfelt and compassionate attitude towards ourselves and others. After a practice of moving into stillness we end with a short meditation period which is the original intention of the poses.


Lee Ann will slowly guide you through yoga poses, breathing techniques and meditation practices to help increase strength, flexibility and concentration. The goal is to cultivate mindful awareness in a well balanced yoga practice. “Mindfulness brings your life into your yoga practice instead of trying to fit your yoga practice into your life.”

All levels are welcome.


Start your mornings with ease and a sense of calm and peace to carry with you throughout your day. This gentle yoga practice  will allow you to warm up and move with ease from one posture to another.  We will move in rhythmical attunement, linger in the postures, and explore what comes up on the mat. This class is suitable for all levels and will offer modifications and use of props. 

All levels are welcome.


This seven week course will be an introduction to the Dragon & Tiger Qigong set. Dragon & Tiger is 1,500 year old powerful self healing exercise that has been practiced by millions of people for improved health, vitality and a general feeling of well being. The gentle movements of Dragon & Tiger can be practiced by almost anyone and can be adapted for people who are injured or unable to stand.

Dragon & Tiger Qigong can be exceptionally helpful with:
• Releasing stress and improving relaxation
• Unwinding tension especially in the back, neck and shoulders
• Increases circulation of blood and other body fluids
• Raising energy levels & improving immune function
• Better balance and physical coordination

All levels are welcome.


Restorative Yoga is a very gentle practice that involves the use of props (sometimes lots of props, blankets, bolsters, blocks, straps or chairs) to allow the body to feel totally supported in the long holds of these gentle postures so it can relax and release to facilitate deep mental and visceral relaxation.


 This practice will help you strengthen your body, settle your mind, and feed your spirit. ‘Strong and Serene’ is a multi-level asana class that includes pranayama (breath exercises), vinyasa (flow) practice, preparation for and in-depth exploration of challenging poses (including arm balances and inversions), seated meditation, and a healthy dose of Yoga philosophy. It provides a chance to expand your boundaries - both mental and physical - in a supported and safe environment, with a passionate, skilled, and experienced teacher. One of the definitions of Yoga is ‘to achieve what was previously unattainable’. The intention of the Strong & Serene practice is to support your process in moving toward your personal goals.


Supported Yoga - Reinvent your practice to suit todays need.  Modify using any and every prop from a chair or wall to a bolster or blanket or nothing at all.  A personalized hands on approach, and a slow mindful pace will encourage beginners and experienced yogi alike to refine and relax.


Tai Chi is a form of slow moving standing exercise to build strength, and connection, in body and mind. Tai Chi for Health is suitable even for a complete novice. The Yang Long Form is a series of coordinated movements which is appropriate for anyone, no matter the experience or fitness level.

When practiced on a regular basis, tai chi can:
• Reduce Stress
• Increase flexibility
• Improve muscle strength
• Increase energy and stamina
• Increase feelings of well-being
• Improve balance and coordination

Watch for new beginning series to begin throughout the year. Due to the nature of teaching the connected movements, this is not a drop in class.


Suitable for almost all levels of students, Yin Yoga targets the connective tissues, bones and joints of the hips, pelvis, and lower spine through the stillness of long held postures. This quiet meditative style is a perfect complement to the dynamic and muscular (yang) styles of yoga that emphasize internal heat, and the lengthening and contracting of our muscles.

While initially this style of yoga can seem passive, overly soft or not challenging enough, you will soon feel the deep mental and physical “stretch/release” Yin practice provides in the long held poses. After you have experienced a Yin practice, even just once, you will realize that without it, you are doing only half of the asana practice.


Come practice the "Art of Relaxation." Slow down, unwind and release tension in this slow and deep practice designed to guide you through Yin Yoga Poses which are held longer to increase your sense of flexibility and openness, followed by Restorative Yoga poses with the comfort and support of props to reset the body and mind into a more relaxed and centered state of being. This practice is an antidote to your stressful daily life. All levels are welcome. No yoga experience is necessary.


Breathe a bit of lightness into the body as you roll out your mat for this practice that will help you refresh, renew and rediscover your yoga practice. Whether you are trying yoga for the first time or establishing a weekly rhythm, this series will cultivate compassion toward the self and a joyful awareness of the mind-body connection by applying yoga philosophy with pranayama (breathing techniques) and gentle/dynamic poses. Build strength and flexibility while enhancing balance and relaxation in preparation for a nourishing seated meditation. All levels welcome and encouraged...beginners too.

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